Our team


> To share with you the passion of the Indian subcontinent and the circuits India that animates us.
> Privilege trips and tours India tailor-made.
> Satisfy your thirst for new horizons, meet your interests, your tastes, your requirements.
> Do not consider yourself a mere passing customer.



> We are a team of 30 tourism professionals: Indian, Sri Lankan, Nepali and French ready to help you achieve your stay.
> We have more than 30 years of experience in the fields of travel and incentive.
> We know intimately the destinations of the Indian subcontinent.
> We have our own fleet of passenger cars and coaches to help you discover South Asia.



- Over 25 years of combined experience in the tourism and incentive sectors.
- A perfect knowledge of the proposed destinations in the Indian subcontinent.
- A fleet of private cars and coaches.
- Visa management for India.
- The possibility for tourism professionals to be able to make online payments totally secure.


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